People often ask why it is so difficult to find a good photographer, and it isn't because they are not there - they most certainly are and in abudance.
It is more that the client does not have a clear idea in their mind of exactly what they want and how much they want to pay!
This then leads to a general search of photographers - whether it be the old school generalists who are stuck in their ways not willing to move with the times or the new wave generation who use a range of digital gadgets and technology to change a photo so much that it doesn't look anything like you imagined. Both types have their own pro's and con's but finding a balance between the two can sometimes be hard.

Finding a photographer who has the same vision as you do is absolutely key - you have to click (excuse the pun!) with them and know that they know what you are looking for sometimes even before you do - being able to get the exact photos you want to enhance your day/event. There has to be rapport and trust between client and subject otherwise it is just not going to work. This may sound like common sense right? but it isn't always the case, which is why the initial consultation is so important.

Another consideration is obviously experience, with the development of increasingly high-tech kit - the point and click cameras, everyone thinks they can be a photographer. However, experience and knowledge beats this any day and at this point the phrase "all the gear no idea" springs to mind! Most images look great on a smartphone/Ipad but does it look the same in large print? Ask to see examples. It is also worth asking any photographer you are considering about backup plans in case things go wrong; duplicated cameras, twin memory cards (they do go wrong), backup photographers they can call on if an unforeseen circumstance were to occur and indeed professional and public liability insurance to cover the unlikely but possible worst case scenario.
Also make sure the photographers whose work you are booking on the basis of is the photographer that will be covering your shoot – you want the A team after all.

Finally a big selling point is costs - you will have a budget in mind and need someone who can fit in to this. Some photographers will have set prices whereas others prefer to price individually to tailor to your needs - no two jobs are the same so why would the pricing be?
Get clarity on this straight away.

So when you look to find good photographer in the future, hopefully some of these suggestions will help you find someone that can put you at ease and bring out the very best of you or your subject in the shoot.

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